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RAIMONDO BONAMICI - Orphaned forms - Project Public Art European - Brussels.

Project Public Art European EU funded Projects


Orphaned  forms

2 - 24 - 06  -  2017

Rue Traversière,3 Brussels,1210

The surface is a permanent gatherer of energy attracting shapes and images indulged, time after time, in the space where the black is situated and it refers to mental states and conditions formed in their entirety. The language through the schematic use tends to lend itself with the same universal feeling of representation as it concerns each different shape, finds the appropriate setting in the surface, in compliance with a memory belonging to art, searching for a rivalry with reality; rather it retreats into the typical place of its creation, in the unattainable recesses of an imagination that does not deal anymore with clashes against the world but instead remains within the shape (...)

Raimondo Bonamici’s painting expands throughout the primary space, organizing the surface of the work by using black and white. Black is made accomplice how the shadow is for darkness, it enters into infinity, searching for light that makes it living, joining it to explore the deepest resonances in the imagination, on the invisibility of the painting itself, abandoning the white surface in the absolute silence, through the contin uous dialogue that characterizes the beginning of Bonamici’s research. Bonamici radicalizes the meaningful action by using the surface as a mean and not as an end; in this manner shapes morph into an aggregation point of various, conceptual and mental elements which are related among them. Any shape complies with a work, a continuous image (...)

In 2016 Bonamici is able to stimulate our capacity of understanding and to instil collective memories, dreams and visions through common circular shapes. These simple motifs constitute his repertoire of works. In this repertoire, when many of his works are placed together, it is not the picture itself, but the World to open up, and this is what Bonamici is interested in (...)

ARCHITECTURE AND ART – HAMBURG 2013. The artist Raimondo Bonamici is awarded the Free art in the free world 2013 prize for his project “Io appartengo alla terra” (I belong to Earth). For the message contained in his work which is the result of his exclusive intellectual, conceptual and professional dedication. For the authority he shows to express, through his work, the widest thought of freedom.

Raimondo Bonamici: Orphaned  forms,  2017. 
Mixed media installation, variable dimensions.

Raimondo Bonamici: Orphaned  forms,  2017. 
Ultrachrome ink on cotton paper 2 parts,  200 x 150 cm each / Edition of 2.

Raimondo Bonamici: Orphaned  forms,  2017. 
Ultrachrome ink on cotton paper,  100 x 150 cm / Edition of 3.

Rue Traversière,3 Brussels,1210

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lunedì: 14.30-20.30
martedì, mercoledì, venerdì: 14.30-20.30
giovedì e sabato: 16.30-20.30

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